Your account information

The Account Details section of the Preferences page displays all your profile information and lists the connections that are associated with your account. Use the Account Details section to update your profile information or to connect to your patient record or a personal health record.

Profile Information

The Profile section contains all your user information for your account. The following information is displayed in this section:
  • Account user name - The username you use to log on. This information cannot be changed.
  • Last Name - Your last name.
  • First Name - Your first name.
  • Middle Name - Your middle name.
  • Date of Birth - Your birthdate.
  • Email - The electronic mail address where alerts and messages from Sunrise Patient Portal™ are sent.
  • Phone - Your phone number.

If you are connecting your account to your patient record, it is important that your profile information is identical to the credentials stored in your patient record for your healthcare organization.


The Connections section lists the healthcare organization system and personal health records linked to your Sunrise Patient Portal™ account. You can connect or disconnect to the information sources that are displayed in this section.