Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. When you reset your password, after verifying your identity, the system sends you an email message with instructions for resetting your password.


  1. On the login page, click Forgot Your Password .

    Forgot Password is displayed.

  2. Type your account user name.
  3. Type the email address registered with your account.
  4. Click Continue. After searching for your account using your user name and email information, the system displays the security question you selected when you created your account.
  5. In the Security answer box, type the answer to your security question.
  6. Click Continue. An email with instructions for resetting your password is sent to you.
  7. Log on to your email account to read the message.
  8. Copy the link included in the email message, paste it into a web browser, and press Enter. The Change Password page appears.
  9. Type a new password in the New Password box.
  10. Type the new password again in the Confirm New Password box.
  11. Click Save. Your new password is saved.
  12. Click Close to close the Change Password page.
  13. Log on to Sunrise Patient Portal™ with your new password.