A section is a distinct area or part of a form used to categorize information.

When designing a section, think of it as an invisible table where you must specify the number of rows and columns that will display a field, or a number of fields. For example, a section can display a field one time, or display a field (or a number of fields) multiple times in a tabular format.

Section Properties

When you add a new section to a form, you must specify its properties. The following table provides a description of the section properties.

Property Description
Name The name of the section and how it is represented in the component tree.
Page break before Specifies whether the section starts on a new page.
Columns Specifies the number of columns in a section.
Column widths Specifies the percentage width of each column in the section.
Repeating grid Specifies whether fields in the section are repeated. This can be used if you wish to create.
Row Required if the Repeating grid option is selected. Specifies the number of times the section fields are to be repeated.
Security Specifies the security rights a Sunrise user must have to be able to view the information in the section after the form is submitted by the patient and available in Sunrise Patient Portal™.

Add a section to a form


  1. On the toolbar, click New section.

    The component properties editor displays the properties for the new section.

  2. Define the properties for the new section.
  3. When you are finished, click Save on the form editor toolbar.