Add new portal event

Administrators have the ability to add a single record in the portal appointment mapping table.

Before you begin

Event type will be restricted by serviceman’s vocation, service type and HSP Eligibility.


  1. Click Acct Maint.
  2. In the Page Menu click Portal Events. Portal Events are displayed.
  3. Click Add New Portal Event. Add Portal Event is displayed.
  4. Select an Event
  5. Select a Service Type
  6. Select a Vocation Code
    Note: When an administrator deletes or edits the service type from the key in web.config or vocation code from Manage Vocation code the Not Applicable check box is checked. When Not Applicable is selected for Service Type or Vocation Code users will be able to view all vocations codes or all events.
  7. Optional: Select the Primary Medical Centre Only check-box.
  8. Optional: Select one of the following Forms:
    • Single Forms.
    • Multiple Forms.
  9. Click Save.


The new appointment is created and added to the table of portal events.