Assign forms to patients

You can assign published forms to individual patients or groups of patients. When a form is assigned to a patient, Sunrise Patient Portal™ automatically generates an e-mail notification that is sent to the patient. The e-mail notifies the patient that a form has been assigned to them and provides the URL where the patient can access the form.

About this task

The assigned form is also displayed in the Assigned Forms Reminder web part when the patient logs on to Sunrise Patient Portal™. The patient can click the form in the web part to open and complete the form.


  1. In the Forms Library click Assign for the form you want to assign.

    Assign Form to Patient opens.

  2. On the Assign tab, enter search criteria for the patient you want to assign the form to.
  3. Click Find.

    The patients meeting your search criteria are displayed.

  4. Select the check box for the patients to assign the form to.
    Note: If a patient already has the form assigned to them, you cannot select the patient for the form assignment.
  5. Click Assign.


The form is assigned to the selected patients and an e-mail notification is sent to the patients

Unassign a form from a patient

About this task

If you have assigned a form to a patient in error or you no longer need for a patient to complete a form that has been assigned to them, you can unassign the form from the patient.


  1. In the Forms Library click Assign for the form you want to unassign. The Assign Form to Patient window opens.
  2. Click the Unassign tab. The Unassign tab appears, displaying all the patients to whom the form has been assigned.
  3. Select the check-box for the patient for whom you want to unassign the form.
  4. Click Unassign. The form is unassigned from the selected patient.