Account Maintenance

From Sunrise Patient Portal™, you can manage vocation codes associated with your account in the Account Maintenance tab.

The new Account Maintenance tab enables you to remove, edit, and add new mapping information to tasks configured in Task Definition in configuration tools. From this tab, you can also add new portal events to the Portal Events window.

Configure Task Form Mapping

The MainMenu configuration file contains the configuration necessary for task form mapping in Sunrise Patient Portal™. The file is installed as a template file that must be edited and saved as a new file named MainMenu.xml.


  1. On the application server, go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Allscripts Sunrise\AppServer\PPUI|App_Data directory.
  2. Open the MainMenu.xml file.
  3. Search for Task Form Mapping.
  4. Comment out <MenuItem description="Task Form Mapping" type="SXA.PTL.Admin.WebParts, SXA.PTL.Admin.WebParts.TaskFormMappingSummary" />.


Task Form mapping is enabled for administrative users.

What to do next

Configure an MLM to demonstrate the ability to pull data from a patient form and update a structured note, to create a User Task item when a document is entered and to create or modify a User Task Item by using ObjectsPlus/XA.