View billing information

Billing Info displays the billing information for your healthcare visits.

Your bills are listed in chronological order by visit date. The summary section includes basic information about each bill.
  • Account ID- Indicates the visit number.
  • Visit Date- The date for which the bill applies.
  • Facility- The location where the visit took place.
  • Current Balance- The amount still outstanding on the statement. May be the same as the Amount Due if payment from your insurance provider has not yet been received.
  • Amount Due - The total amount outstanding that you are responsible for and not billed to your insurance provider.

View account details

About this task

You can view the full details for a bill.


  1. Click the account ID number for the bill whose details you want to view. The Visit Details window opens displaying detailed billing information.
  2. Click Close to close the Account Details window.

Print details for a billing statement


  1. From Visit Details, click the Options menu and select Print.

    A File Download box appears.

  2. Click Open.

    A PDF print preview window opens, displaying the billing details.

  3. Click Print.

    Print Options opens.

  4. Select your print options and then click OK.

    The billing details are printed.

  5. Close the print preview window.