Blood-glucose measurement details

Blood-Glucose Details displays detailed information about the record you are viewing, displayed on two tabs: The Detail tab and the Record Info tab.

Detail tab

Detail displays a comprehensive summary of all the information contained in the record you are viewing.
Field Description
Date recorded The date the blood-glucose measurement was taken
Time The time the measurement was taken
Glucose level The reading from the glucose meter
Type The type of glucose test performed
Device model The glucose meter model
Device manufacturer The manufacturer of the glucose meter
Comments Comments that were saved with the measurement

Record Info tab

The Record Info tab displays detailed information about the record you are viewing. While the Detail tab displays a summary of all the information the record contains, the Record Info tab displays information about the record itself, including the source where the record was retrieved and the system where the record was originally created.

The Record Info tab also includes a table that displays a history of the record, including information about when the record was created and when it was last modified, if applicable. This information includes the application the record was created in, the user who created the record, and the date and time the creation or modification took place.

Add a blood-glucose measurement

You can use Sunrise Patient Portal™ to add new blood-glucose measurements to a personal health record.


  1. Click Add New.

    The Blood-Glucose Details window opens.

  2. Enter information in the applicable fields.
  3. Click Save.


The new measurement is added to the personal health record.

Update blood-glucose measurement details

About this task

You can update blood-glucose details directly in the Blood-Glucose Measurement Details window.


  1. Update the blood-glucose information.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.

Delete a blood-glucose measurement


  1. Click Delete.

    A confirmation message is displayed.

  2. Click OK.

    The measurement is deleted from the personal health record.

Print blood-glucose measurement information


  1. Click PDF Print Preview.

    File Download opens.

  2. Click Open.

    A PDF Print Preview window opens, displaying the measurement details.

  3. Click Print.

    Print opens.

  4. Select your print options and then click OK.

    The measurement details are printed.

  5. Close the Print Preview window.