Book appointments

You have the ability to book new appointments containing event and medical centre information.


  1. Click Appointments The Appointment Calender is displayed.
  2. Click Book an Appointment

    Book an Appointment is displayed.

  3. For Event select an event to associate with your appointment.
  4. For Medical Centre select the centre for the appointment.
  5. For Month select the month to schedule the appointment.
  6. Click Next. Select Day is displayed. Each day will display one of the following options for booking an appointment.
    • N slots where N is an integer representing the number of available slots for booking
    • 0 slot represents a fully booked day.
    • Not Open represents a day in which slots are not yet made available.
    • A blank day represents a day in which slots can not be selected.
  7. Click a day with available slots.

    Select Timeslot is displayed.

  8. Select an available time.
  9. Click Submit. Confirm Booking opens and displays the Event Type, Medical Centre, Date, Time, Transaction ID and any forms that need submitted.
  10. Optional: To submit forms, click the form name you wish to submit.

    If the patient does not complete the form the form will be displayed in the Assigned Submission web part. If a patient has not submitted the form after confirming the appointment the form is highlighted before appointment date.

  11. Click Confirm.


The appointment is booked. Information will display in both Sunrise Patient Portal™ and Sunrise Enterprise Scheduling™. Attached forms will display in the Assigned Submission web part.