Demographic information

The Demographics web part displays the following information:

Add demographic information from your patient record to a personal health record

You can use this site to copy demographic information from your care provider's records to a personal health record.


Click Copy to Microsoft HealthVault.

The Sunrise demographic information is copied to your personal health record.

Update Demographic Information

You can use this site to update the demographic information stored in a personal health record

About this task

To update the demographic information contained in your patient record, you must contact your care provider.


  1. Click Edit Microsoft HealthVault.

    The Demographic Details window is displayed

  2. Update the demographic information.
  3. Click Save.


Th information is updated and saved to the personal health record.

Print demographic information


  1. Click PDF Print Preview.

    File Download opens.

  2. Click Open. A PDF Print Preview window opens, displaying the demographic information.
  3. Click Print.

    Print Options opens.

  4. Select your print options and then click OK.

    The demographic information is printed.