The Documents web part displays clinical documentation that has been released to you by your care provider. The documentation can include discharge instructions and other patient education documents that provide advice for your home health care.

You can access Continuity of Care documents (CCD) from the Documents web part. A CCD is a type of document designed to enable the exchange of key clinical information among care providers to improve patient care. CCDs pull information from your medical record and structures it in a standardized way so it can be exchanged between health care systems and care providers. By having access to your latest CCD documents, you can easily provide any care provider with your most recent health information on file. Information included in a CCD include allergies, medical problems, immunizations, and other demographic and administrative information from your medical record.

In Sunrise Patient Portal, Patient can electronically generate clinical exchange document. The patient generated clinical exchange documents are displayed in the documents web part. If your care provider belongs to a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network, you can securely send your Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to other care providers who are members of the HIE network. If you want to send Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to the provider who does not belong to HIE, then you can choose Regular email id option and enter any regular or personal email id of that physician.

Sunrise Patient Portal through generated Clinician Exchange Documents can be identified by "Self- Generated" status in Generated By column.

Note: CCD is not a complete record of your medical history. It only includes essential information necessary for the safe and effective continuation of your care.

All documents (CCD and non-CCD) are displayed latest document on top. You can use the fields in the web part to filter the documents that are displayed. You can also use the columns in the document list to sort documents by name or date.

View a document


  1. Click the Medical Info tab.
  2. Click Documents. Documents are displayed.
  3. To change the date, in From enter a start date and in To enter an end date.
  4. Click a Document Name.

    Document Details opens, displaying detailed information about the document.

  5. Click the link to download the file.

    File Download opens.

  6. Click Open.

    The document opens.

Print Documents


  1. Document Details, click the Options menu and select Print.

    The Print Preview window opens, displaying the document.

  2. Click Print.

    Print Options opens.

  3. Select your print options and then click OK.

    The document is printed.

  4. Close the Print Preview window.

Download a continuity of care document


  1. Select the check box for the continuity of care document (CCD).

    You can select more than one CCD for downloading.

  2. Determine which format to download the CCD in.
    • To download the CCD in PDF format, click Download as PDF.
    • To download the CCD in XML format, click Download as XML.

    Save As opens.

  3. Navigate to a location on your local machine to save the document and click Save.

    The CCD is saved to your local machine.