Form Editor

The Form Editor should be used by persons knowledgeable of HTML formatting and coding for the web. Additionally, only users who have the Can admin portal right in Sunrise configuration tools can use the Form Editor.


There are several topics that provide information about using the form editor to work with forms.

Components of the Form Editor

The Form Editor consists of several components.

Form Editor Toolbar

TheForm Editor toolbar includes commands for managing forms. The toolbar includes the several items.
Command Description
New From Use to create a new form
Open Form Use to open an existing form or selection template.
New Section Use to add a new section to a form
New Field Use to add a new field to a section
Save Use to save your form without publishing it
Page Preview Use to preview your form
Publish Use to save your form and make it available to patients

Component Tree

The component tree shows the hierarchy of a form, including all sections and fields, in a nested arrangement. This nested arrangement represents the order in which the components are displayed on the form. Selecting a component in the component tree displays the component's properties in the Component Properties Editor.

You can use the component tree to rearrange or delete components on a form. To move a component up and down on a form, select the component in the component tree, and use the up and down arrows to change its position on the form. To delete a component, select the component in the component tree, then click the red X to delete it.

Component Properties Editor

Use the Component Properties Editor to define the basic properties, appearance, and security settings of sections and fields on a form. The fields displayed in this section depend on the component that you have selected in the component tree.

Component Preview Pane

The component preview pane provides a preview of the component selected in the component tree.

Note: The component preview pane only shows the component that is selected in the component tree. To preview the entire form and all its components, click Page Preview on the form editor toolbar.