View insurance details

The Insurance Details window displays detailed information about the record you are viewing. Information is displayed on 2 tabs: The Detail tab and the Record Info tab.

Detail Tab

The Detail tab displays a comprehensive summary of all the information contained in the record you are viewing.
Field Description
Carrier The company issuing the insurance policy
Plan The name of the insurance plan
Coordination of Benefits (COB) The order in which the insurer will be billed. (1=Primary, 2=Secondary, and so on)
Plan Number The number associated with the insurance plan
Group Number The number associated with your group health insurance plan
Policy Number The insurance policy number
Effective Date The date the insurance policy began
Expiration Date The expiration date of the insurance policy

Record Info Tab

The Record Info tab displays detailed information about the record you are viewing. While the Detail tab displays a summary of all the information the record contains, the Record Info tab displays information about the record itself, including the source from where the record was retrieved and the system where the record was originally created.

Note: A record's information source may differ from its original source. For instance, if your care provider enters a new insurance policy record for you in their computer system, and then you use Sunrise Patient Portal™ to copy the record into your personal health record. When you view your list of insurance, the record is displayed as if it was retrieved from Microsoft® HealthVault™, even though the record was originally created in your care provider’s computer system.

The Record Info tab also includes a table that displays a history of the record, including information about when the record was created and when it was last modified, if applicable. This information includes the application the record was created in, the user who created the record, and the date and time the creation or modification took place.