Manage Vocation Code

As a portal administrator you have the ability to manage vocation codes.


  1. Click the Acct Maint tab.
  2. In Page Menu panel click Manage Vocation Code.

    The vocations code are displayed in Manage Vocation Code.

  3. Optional: To delete a vocation code click the red X in the Delete column.

    The vocation code is deleted.

  4. Click Add New.

    Manage Vocation Code is displayed.

  5. Enter a vocation code.

    Do not add a vocation code with spaces or any special characters.

  6. Click Save. You are returned to Mange Vocation Code.
  7. To edit a previously created vocation code click the pencil icon in the Edit column.
  8. In Manage Vocation Code edit the code and click Save.


The vocation code is deleted.