Working with the Message Reply

The Forms List page displays all the Sunrise Patient Portal™ forms, both published and unpublished. Administrators can use Forms List to view information about each form and to edit or delete forms.

Forms List displays the following information about each form:
Column Description
delete form icon image The Delete Form icon. Click to delete the selected form.
edit form icon image The Edit Form icon. Click to open the selected form for editing.
Name The form name
Type The form category
Last Modified The date the form was last changed
Status The status of the form: published or unpublished. Published forms are available for patients to complete. Unpublished forms are available only to site administrators.

Filter the forms list

You can filter the list of forms that are displayed according to their status, category, or both.


  1. For Status, select the status of the form you want to view.
  2. For Category, select the category of forms you want to view.

View forms


Click the form name in the form list.

The form opens.

Edit forms


  1. Click the Edit Form icon.

    The form opens in the Form Editor.

  2. Edit the form.
  3. When you are finished editing the form, save or publish the form.

Delete forms


  1. Click the Delete Form icon for the form.

    A confirmation message is displayed.

  2. Click OK.

    The form is deleted.