Request access to a dependent's medical record

Sunrise Patient Portal™ enables you to view the medical record of a dependent, such as a child or other adult in your care. To view a dependent's medical information from your account, you must submit a request to access their information.

About this task

In your request you must specify identifying information for your dependent. After a site administrator receives and verifies your request, you will be granted access to your dependent's medical record. You will also receive an e-mail message to notify you that your request has been approved. Your dependent's name becomes available in the Patient Header of your account and you can view information stored in their medical record.

When requesting access to a dependent's information, you should also specify a date for your access to expire. After this date you will lose access to your dependent's information and will not be able to view it from your account. As your expiration date approaches, you will receive an e-mail message to alert you that your access to your dependent's medical record will soon terminate. The expiration date will also appear next to your dependent's name in the Patient Header. If you do not specify an expiration date for your access and your dependent is below the age limit determined by your healthcare organization, an expiration date will automatically be calculated based on your dependent's date of birth.

Note: In Sunrise Patient Portal, parent patient can access Dependent patient's secure health messages. Parent patient can select dependent patient from the patient list box in the Messages tab and send secure health messages to his care provider on behalf of dependent patient. In the care Provider secure health messages inbox, from and description areas will display sent on behalf of default messages(From field will show message “ ’parent patient name’ Sent On Behalf Of” . Description area will also show default message “This message is being sent by ‘parent Patient name’ on behalf of “). This default secure health message is applicable for all the messages types i.e “General Messages, Appointments Request, Prescription Renewal, Reminder, Request Refill”.
Requesting access to a dependent's medical information will only grant you access to the medical information stored in their medical record with their care provider. If your dependent has a personal health record (PHR) and you want to view the information stored there, you must connect your account to their PHR using the Account Details page on the Preferences tab.


  1. Enter your dependent's last and first name in the corresponding fields.
  2. Enter your dependent's date of birth.
  3. Enter your dependent's e-mail address.
  4. If you would like for your access to your dependent's medical records to expire after a certain date, enter the date for Expiry Date.
  5. To include any additional notes with your request, type them in the Notes field.
  6. Click Send Request.

    Your request is sent to the site administrator.