Assigned documents

The Assigned Documents web part displays a collection of patient care documents that your health care facility has made available for patients to view online.

Each document is displayed with details that include the document name, document type, and date uploaded. You can sort the list of documents by any of the columns by clicking the column title.

If your care provider wants you to view a document they will assign it to you. The document is then displayed in the web part with a type of Assigned to Me. You should view or download all documents that your care provider assigns to you.

View a document


  1. Click the Medical Info tab.
  2. Click Documents. Documents are displayed.
  3. To change the date, in From enter a start date and in To enter an end date.
  4. Click a Document Name.

    Document Details opens, displaying detailed information about the document.

  5. Click the link to download the file.

    File Download opens.

  6. Click Open.

    The document opens.

Download documents

About this task

Each document includes a download link that enables you to save the document to your computer.


  1. Click the download link for the document.

    File Download opens.

  2. Click Save.

    The Save As window appears.

  3. Navigate to the location where you want to save the file and click Save.

    The document is saved to your selected location.

Upload documents

Use Upload Document to upload patient care documents to Sunrise Patient Portal™ so they are available to patients. When you upload a new document you can assign the new document to patients.

About this task

Documents that have been assigned to a patient will appear in the Patient Documents web part when the patient logs on to Sunrise Patient Portal™. The document is displayed in the web part with a designation that it is assigned to the patient. The patient can access the document from the web part for viewing or downloading.


  1. Click Add New Document.

    Upload Document is displayed.

  2. Enter a document name.
  3. Enter a description for the document.
  4. For Select File to Upload, click Browse.

    Open is displayed.

  5. Navigate to the location where the document is that you want to upload.
  6. Select the document and click Open.

    Open closes and the document is displayed for Select file to upload.

  7. Do one of the following:
    • To upload the document and assign it to a patient or group of patients, click Save and Assign. The document is uploaded and Assign Documents opens.
    • To upload the document without assigning it to any patients, click Save and Exit.

    The document is uploaded.

  8. When you are finished, the uploaded document appears in the Patient Documents web part.