The Reminders web part notifies you of upcoming events associated with your care plan or appointment schedule.

The following information is displayed for each event:

Field Description
Event Indicates the name of the event.
Event Type Indicates whether the event is associated with a care plan or your appointment schedule.
Due Date/Time Indicates the date and time the event is due.
Action For care plan events only. If you have a Secure Health Messaging account, you can request an appointment for all care plan-related events.

To view the most current information, click Refresh on the web part menu.

Print reminders

About this task

Note: To print reminders, you must have Adobe® Reader® installed.


  1. Click the Options menu and select Print.

    A File Download page is displayed.

  2. Click Open.

    The PDF Print Preview window opens.

  3. Click Print.

    Print Options opens.

  4. Select your print options and then click OK.

    Your reminders are printed.

  5. Close the Print Preview window.

What to do next

To view all your all your care plan events, view the Care Plans web part. To view all your appointments, view the Appointments tab.