Transfer continuity of care documents

If your care provider belongs to a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network, you can securely send your Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to other care providers who are members of the HIE network. HIE networks enable care providers to access and share patient medical information electronically according to nationally recognized standards and in a manner that ensures the integrity of the health information.

About this task

If you want to send Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to the provider who does not belong to HIE, then you can choose Regular email id option and enter any regular or personal email id of that physician, and transmit CCD. You can also select the option Send Copy to Me to receive same copy of transferred CCD.

When you electronically transfer your CCD to another care provider within the HIE network, your medical information is sent over the internet in a secure and reliable way from your care provider’s computer system to the computer system of the receiving care provider.


  1. To transfer a CCD to another care provider, select the check-box for the document.
  2. Click Transmit.

    Transmit Documents is displayed.

  3. There are two options to transmit documents:
    • Select Direct ID, and enter the Direct Address of the physician to receive your CCD.
    • Select the Regular Email care provider.
  4. With Regular Email selected enter the email address of the physician to receive the CCD.
    1. To get a copy of the CCD in your personal email select Send Copy to Me.
  5. Click Transmit.

    Your CCD is securely sent to the selected care provider.