View a mailbox

The Message Center page is where you can use Secure Health Messaging to communicate securely with your care provider.

About this task

By default, the Message Center displays the following mailboxes:

  • Inbox
  • Sent Items
  • Deleted Items
  • Any personal mailboxes that you have added


To view messages in a mailbox, for View Messages, select the mailbox that you want to view.

View messages


  1. Click Messages in the main task bar. The Message Center is displayed
  2. Click the Subject of the message.

    The message is displayed in a separate window.

  3. If a document was sent with the message select the document link. The document displays in the message center.
  4. Click Back. You are returned to the Message Center.
  5. To close the message and return to the mailbox, click Close.

View message history

Message History displays message transmission and user interaction history for the message you are viewing.

About this task

In addition to a record of who sent the message, any of the following may be displayed:

  • Who displayed, forwarded, or replied to the message.
  • Who attached the message to a patient record.
  • Who detached the message from a patient record.
  • Who modified the delivery date, expiration date, or priority.
  • Who moved the message to another mailbox.


  1. Click the icon for the message whose history you want to view.

    Message History is displayed.

  2. Click Close to close Message History.

Send a message


  1. For Send a message, select the type of message that you want to send.

    You can send the following types of messages:

    • General Message
    • Appointment Request
    • Prescription Renewal
    • Reminder

    Compose Message is displayed.

  2. For To, select the recipient of your message.
  3. For Subject, enter a subject for your message.
  4. Enter your message (for a general message or reminder) or complete the form (for an appointment request or prescription renewal).
  5. To send your message, click Send.

    Your message is sent and you are returned to the Message Center.

Sort messages

About this task

By default, messages are sorted by date. However, you can sort the messages in your mailbox by either of the column headers including:

  • From
  • Subject
  • Type
  • Date
  • Expiration


In the mailbox, click the column header that corresponds to your sort option.

Click the column header again to sort messages in the opposite order.

Filter messages

Filtering your messages is an easy way to see only those items that meet conditions you specify.

About this task

Filtering is different from sorting. When you sort messages, you rearrange the current messages in your mailbox. When you filter messages, you selectively choose what messages are displayed in your mailbox.


  1. For Show, select the method by which you want to filter your messages:
    • Read Messages
    • By Message Type
    • By Subject
    • By Sender
    • By Date
  2. For Criteria, enter the criteria by which you want to filter your messages.
  3. Click the Gogo icon imageicon.

    The messages are filtered according to the criteria that you specified.

Move messages

About this task

Note: Moving a message to the Deleted Items folder is the same as deleting the message. Messages cannot be moved to the Sent Items folder.


for Move To, select the mailbox to move the message to.

The message is moved to the selected mailbox and the next message from the original mailbox is displayed.

Delete messages

About this task

Note: Deleted messages can still be recovered from your Deleted Items mailbox. However, if you delete a message that is already in the Deleted Items mailbox, that message will be permanently deleted and unable to be recovered.


Click Delete.

The message is deleted and you are returned to your mailbox.